I’m sending a camera on trip around the world.  A simple point and shoot.  No bells or whistles, maybe not even a flash.  It will be a film camera, it will have a roll of 36 exposure film in it.  This much I know.

But the site says 72 frames WTF?

After the roll has been shot once, I’m going to rewind the film and send it again.  Double exposure, so 72 frames it shall be.

Wanna play?  Contact me through the form on the contact page.

Whats the Rules?

Everyone who gets the camera will take FOUR shot and then send it on.

When the roll is finished, if the person who took the last shot is comfortable doing so, they will rewind the film and send it on.  If not, they can send it back to me and I will rewind it and send it off again.

So, in theory, we will have 18 different people from various parts of the world shooting the same roll.  I’m excited, are you?

I don’t care who get’s the camera.  All I ask is that when you get it, you send me a message, I will create a profile for you on this site. Please upload some shots of you with the camera and write a few lines about yourself.

I’m not sure what will happen after that but perhaps you have some ideas.